Welcome Home


Exploring, seemingly insignificant, standardized systems around Panama City, Panama.

Necesidad Obsoleta (1-4), acrylic on fabric, 16" x 16", 2020

Soldaditos Naranjas (1-9) , acrylic on fabric, 12" x 12" , 2020

Omisiones de una ciudad, acrylic on fabric, 8 1/2' x 8', 2020

Concrete Jungle, video, 0:04:24, 2020

Big Blue, documentation of performance, 0:08:55, 2020

Asimilacion, documentation of performance, 0:11:21, 2020

Artist Statement

Small Gestures, through paint, dictate my practice and help me explore and push the boundaries of the material. Through intense colors, textures, and the incorporation of drawing into my painting process I highlight everyday objects. My objective is not to reproduce faithfully what I see, but rather give them my personal perspective as if it were my memory of it. Additionally, there is a playful back and forth between the negative space and the painting giving a spotlight to the pattern and texture in the background.


‘Welcome Home’ is another attempt to reclaim a sense of belonging in the environment that surrounds me, materializing my desire to be part of Panama. Furthermore, I am fascinated with those things that we overlook in the city. These small standardized systems like the traffic cones that flood the city, all bright and orange, and those payphones that most believe are broken but are distinctively blue on every other street corner near bus stops or public institutions.