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Material exploration surrounding organic-looking foam hand-sewn sculptures and their relationship to bodies of water.

Afloat series, handsewn foam and embroidery thread, dimensions variable, 2019

Afloat Florida Summer, hand-sewn foam, embroidery thread and plaster, dimension variable, 2019

Afloat (environment 1) hand-sewn foam, colored Lights, fans, pink kiddie pool and carboard boxes, 2019

Artist Statement for Environment 1

Panama has coasts on both sides with the city right by the Pacific Ocean. The expansive waters remind me of home. My foam sculptural pieces act as organisms, unrecognizable but unarguably fleshy in nature. They do not really belong anywhere, and I explore their state of belongingness by placing them in vessels with water. Manmade, natural, big, and small. I am interested in their ability to live (and interact) in a space that is not their own.

Fueled by this concept of not belonging I create 'Environment 1' where I explore the idea of floating them in an environment constructed for them, with winds and lighting of their own. Where I am, partially, in charge of how they interact in the space.

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