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Mundane Fascination


Exploring my fascination, as a foreigner, with everyday things from Tallahassee and giving them a unique reinterpretation, from my tropical perspective.

Mundane Fascination, oil on panel, 12" X 12", 2019

Artist Statement

Gestures, through paint, dictate my practice and are part of my process to create in a spontaneous way. I create these panels through intense periods of observation by highlighting the relationship of color fields, texture, and mark-making. These impasto paintings tap into ideas of place and the everyday. I am intrigued by those things that are common in Tallahassee but not in Panama, such as mailboxes and dishwashers. 

My identity is shaped by my Hispanic heritage and upbringing in Panama City, Panama. Therefore, I use a bright palette to portray the vibrant and tropical environment where I grew up in Central America. This creates a personal bridge between the place I am from and the place that I am in now, experiencing Tallahassee from a unique point of view.

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