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Momo Magallon

Painter and performance artist based in Panama City, Panama

Momo Magallon (1997, Panama) is a multidisciplinary artist whose main mediums are painting and performance. Based in Panama City, Panama since 2020 her work explores domestic and urban spaces, mundane objects, belongingness, sexuality, and gender.


In 2019, she graduated from Florida State University with a BFA in Studio Art with an emphasis on Painting. Her work has been exhibited throughout the Americas while winning funds and accolades in both the USA and Panama. In 2022 she completed a residency with satisFACTORY art space in Costa Rica. 


Since 2020 she is part of 'Panama Fem Art Coalition', a collective that propels projects that support women artists in Panama. In 2022 she co-founded 'La Busqueda', with Panamanian artists EVADE and Milko Delgado, in order to create cultural and curatorial projects in the city.


Currently represented by Galeria Mateo Sariel in Panama.


Photography by Susana Aramburu

Artist Statement

My work investigates mundane narratives, my experience as a young woman, belongingness, space, and place connecting viewer and the material. My gestural technique transcends traditional painting canons focusing on paint as an object and a material that holds as much value as the image being depicted. Through observation, I create unexpected relationships between colors, form, and textures where painting and drawing intersect. My body serves as a vehicle that pushes these orthodox boundaries and further describes the physicality and plasticity of paint. Nature permeates and informs my bold colors making reference to the day to day objects that form portraits of a cosmopolitan tropical upbringing.

Latest Exhibitions

2023     Vaciar La Categoria

Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Panama

Panama City, Panama

2022     Parada en el limite: 09 de enero de 1964

Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Panama

Panama City, Panama

2022     Paisaje Gris con Gota Roja

CASA 25 (Pop-up show)

Panama City, Panama

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