Exploring longing and belonging within sense of place. Where the grass and the sky become the common ground between two places (Panama and Tallahassee.)

Growing In, photography, 2019

Collaboration with Imma Van Der Walt and Claudia Guerra

Head in the Clouds, video, 00:05:32, 2019

Un pedacito del Cielo, ultramarine blue oil paint, dimensions variable, 2019

The Good Ol' Days, video performance, 00:00:52, 2019

Grounded, installation, pine needles, felt, ink, 2019

Ceremonies, video performance, 00:00:49, 2018

Trying to Belong, video performance, 00:04:31, 2019

Entre el cielo y la tierra, installation, projection over foam, paint and string, 2019

Cielito Lindo, artist book, pellon, ink, paper and string, 2019

Documentation of the show Desiderium, Phyllis Straus Gallery, 2019

Artist Statement

Through small gestures I aim to present the dichotomies of memory and reality. I long for the things that I took for granted at home; the summer blue skies and the green grass in my grandmothers’ backyard. This show explores longing and belonging within a sense of space, where grass and the sky become the common ground between two places. I propose the idea of feeling at home by living in a similar environment but ultimately being physically somewhere else. I present a deception of the mind to comfort the longing and create a familiar feeling in an unfamiliar space. To dissipate my sense of longing and further my deception I become the things that immerse me and embody home.